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Who Is This Automated Presentation Software For? Can It
Really Help You?
Watch The Video Presentation!

It doesn't matter if your business is local, regional, national or international -
this tool can work miracles helping you to create additional sales & profits!

You'd be crazy not to look at it - and it's unbelievably cheap to use considering
how powerful it is!

The video above will lead you to all the answers you want!

To get all your questions answered, and to see exactly what this powerful
software and service is all about (and how it can put more profit into your
business), we encourage you to watch the short 7 minute video above.

After watching the above video, if you then wish to see a mind blowing
presentation that will show you exactly how this technology works - then you
can get immediate access to our major presentation by filling in the form to
the right of the video you see above.

After You Complete The Form Above (To The Right Of The
), You'll Be Presented With 2 Choices:

  • You can either watch an instant replay of yesterday's (or last week's)
    presentation right now, or
  • You can reserve a seat to watch our next new presentation in the next
    day or so!
  • The presentation is free to watch!

We've also got an entire page of information here, and you can also skim down
the page to get an idea of what this is all about - but we really encourage you
to watch the short video above first.


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Regarding our online presentation template, you're probably asking yourself questions like the ones you see below this image

How Creating Perfect Online Presentations Is Possible...

We've made this system & template possible through a powerful software that
we've created that allows you to produce completely perfect sales presentations,
business presentations, webinars, seminars, staff or employee trainings, product
or service tutorials, etc. for your business!

Will I Do This Myself Or Can I Delegate It?

For a small fee:

  • You can do all the SETUP and all the CREATION of your
    automated webinar yourself...
  • You can delegate part of the SETUP and part of the CREATION
    of your automated webinar to one of our outsource partners...
    (You'll see details in your private online back office when you take
    the 30-day $1 trial).
  • You can delegate all of the SETUP and all of the CREATION of
    your automated webinar to one of our outsource partners!

The reason why the price is so low is because we've created a system that easily
lets you do it all from scratch yourself!

Rest easy knowing that if you're one of those people who like to delegate
everything to someone else that we also have a simple "Do-It-For-You-Option"
where you can delegate some or all of the work to our outsourcing partners to
do on your behalf! Just contact us for more information on that!

You Get A Cheap Price + A 30-Day $1 Trial + A Full 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee:

The price of this software is $1 for your 1st 30 day trial. Then, if you love what
you see, your monthly fee is only $139.99 per month. And remember that you
have a full 60 day money-back guarantee that kicks in from day 1 which means
that you'll get your monthly fee back including the one dollar trial fee. And
remember that you can cancel any time after that too because there are no long
term contracts to sign either!

Remember, To Create An Online Presentation:

  • You can do everything yourself
  • Or, you can do the setup yourself & use our outsorcing partner to create
    your presentation for you
  • Or, you can use outsourcing where a competent 3rd party will do everything
    for you
  • Or, you can use outsourcing to do bits and pieces and you can do the rest!


Here are 30 benefits of an automated marketing system

This Infographic Shows You The Benefits Of An Automated
Marketing System...

Part 1 of this infographic shows benefits 1 through 8 of the Best Presentation On Earth system

Part 2 of this infographic shows benefits 9 through 16 of the Best Presentation system

Part 3 of this infographic shows benefits 17 through 24 of the marketing system

Part 4 of this infographic shows benefits 25 through 30 of our automated presentation platform


Your automated sales presentations & webinars can accommodate 1,000 or more people at a time

How Many People Can Watch Your Automated Video

Most businesses likely won't ever need to accommodate a thousand people at a
single time, but if your business is one that does then you can rest easy knowing
that each of your automated presentations with us has the ability to hold up to
1,000 attendees at a single time!

Because of that, it's unlikely you'll ever be missing anyone who wants to see your

Many of the traditional webinar services will charge you a huge premium if you
want to purchase a webinar package that gives you that many seats - but not

Plus, your replay presentations can accommodate the same number of seats for
each replay you have!


Automate your sales presentation & marketing efforts without spending a pile of money

Whether You're Curious About Automating A Single Sales
Presentation Or Even Multiple Sales Presentations ...Think
About This For A Moment:

  • What else could you do in order to boost sales & profits that wouldn't
    cost at least 10 or 20x what this is costing you here?
  • What other options do you have to automate your marketing and sales
    process that cost less than this?
  • Where else can you go to create stunning automated presentations that
    look live & give you all of the features that we give you?
  • Where else can you go to get this kind of a monthly price with no up-front
  • Where else can you go that can arrange a complete OPTIONAL
    do-it-for-you service with talented & afforedable outsourcing? (You'll
    see those options when you take our30-day $1 trial).
  • Where else can you go to get BOTH a one dollar 30-day trial PLUS a
    full 60-day money-back guarantee?
  • Think of all the money you can SAVE & all the revenue you can


Creating a live online business presentation or webinar can be difficult

Making A Live Online Business Presentation Or Webinar Is Hard!

Live online presentations (webinars) are very hard to do right - even for the

Not everyone has the presentation skills necessary to pull off a live presentation.
That's why they pay a few thousand dollars a month to hire people to do it for

Plus, who has the time to do 2 or 3 live presentations once a week let alone
2-3 times per day?

On Top Of That There Are A Ton Of Technical Things That
Can And Do Go Wrong:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of live presentations is that you have to
    do them in person & they take a lot of time to do. Each live webinar
    can take up to 1 or 2 hours to do right. They are very time consuming
    if you plan to do more than one per week!
  • Even if you're a savvy webinar presenter every now and then audio
    difficulties can & do plague your presentation: everything from feedback
    issues, to sound levels being too high or too low, etc.
  • Your presentation slides can get mixed up, or maybe a window on your
    computer won't open for you - leaving you in a terrible lurch while you
    try to find your correct place again. In the meantime, kiss your audience
  • If you lack live presentation skills & if you're not a professional speaker
    (or if you get nervous speaking in front of a live audience) then you end up
    appearing nervous, unsure, amateurish, and uncertain. Kiss your sales
  • Often in live presentations it's easy to stumble, lose your spot, or
    mispronounce words - and it sounds horrible. Kiss everything goodbye!
  • Guests on live presentations often run into each other or interrupt each
    other - and it causes the impact of your presentation to be far less
  • It's easy in live presentations to ramble on even go off topic - and you
    end up with a long boring presentation instead of the hard hitting exact
    presentation you planned for. There's nobody left to say goodbye to!
  • Many people aren't great sales people, and they fail to emphasize the
    selling points or benefits of what product or service has to offer. Your
    audience is left feeling confused & unsure of what to do next!
  • With live presentations if you're not familiar with all the controls, it's
    easy to cut people off or turn them off altogether albeit unintentional!
  • Unless you're reading from a script, it's sometimes hard to remember
    to do everything that you need to do - or to even remember everything
    that you need to say! And, if you do read from a script and you end up
    making a mistake - being LIVE doesn't permit you to edit the mistake!


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An automated marketing system & sales presentation template can solve many problems

Your Problems Are Solved With An Automated Marketing
System & Sales Presentation Template!

Automated online webinars (presentations) go far beyond just solving the
problems that plague traditional live webinar presentations because:

  • With an automated system, regardless of whether your sales department
    is an army of one person (you), or whether you have multiple numbers of
    sales people - you can make unlimited presentations to unlimited numbers
    of prospects anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night!
  • With an automated platform you don't need to have any LIVE presentation
    skills whatsoever! That's because you can edit your presentation until it is
    just the way you want it to be. This allows you to create the perfect
    presentation for your business in terms of length, content, images, voice
    tonality & inflection, call-to-actions, when to ask for the sale, etc - and
    once everything is perfect, you simply use your "NEW" perfect
    presentation for every presentation you make!
  • With an automated system you can eliminate virtually every single one of
    the technical problems that go wrong with traditional webinars! That's
    because everything is done in advance! Your audio levels, your slide
    transitions & timing of slides, etc. are all tested and optimized in the creation
    of your automated presentation!
  • With an automated system you experience a huge savings in time and cost
    - especially if you've been paying someone to do your live presentations
    for you! Once automated, neither you nor anyone on your payroll needs
    to be present during a webinar - but your automated system can still
    appear to be live. In fact, you can still take questions in real time directed
    to a live chat box that you can access from any computer, tablet or smart
    phone. And you can answer your webinar attendee's questions in real
    time too! You can also elect to take all your questions in real time e-mail!
  • With an automated setup your slides will never get mixed up & you'll
    never experience windows or web pages not opening for you because it's
    all been done and optimized during the creation of your automated webinar!
  • Best of all for some people, with an automated presentation setup, you'll
    never worry about getting nervous by speaking in front of a live audience
    because you'll never have to do that ever again in order to make outstanding
    presentations! No more stumbling, or losing your spot, or mispronouncing
    words! And, if you have one or more guests on your presentations, you'll
    never have to worry about running into each other or interrupting each
    other ever again!
  • With automated presentations you'll never have to concern yourself with
    going too long or going off topic - and that's because automated
    presentations allow you to perfect every aspect of your presentation
    BEFORE you play it for prospective clients or customers!
  • Finally, it doesn't matter whether you are the best salesperson in the world
    or not because automated presentations give you the ability to deliver the
    perfect sales pitch without it even sounding like a sales pitch!


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Effective sales presentations generate more profits with consistent follow-up

Truly Effective Sales Presentations Should Not Only Be
Visual Presentations, But They Need To Also Include
Automated Reminders & Follow-ups!

There's a powerful & revealing sales cliche that says: "The Fortune Is In The

That is absolutely true when it comes to what should happen after you make a
business presentation to anyone!

In reality, few people ever follow up consistently with their prospective clients or
customers as they should. In part, that's because as you begin to prospect a
greater numbers of potential clients and customers, the number of follow-up calls
that need to be made increases as well.

Ask Yourself These Questions Right Now:

  • How do you currently ensure that you follow up with every single
    prospective client or customer you have right now?
  • Are you missing follow-up opportunities?
  • What if you could automate follow-up to the point where you would
    NEVER miss a single follow-up opportunity? (SEE BELOW...)


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth



Your automated software contains presentation tools that both remind & follow-up with your prospects

Webinar Software With Powerful Presentation Tools!

Regardless of how many prospective clients and customers you have on your
"prospecting launch pad", your new automated presentation & webinar platform
can give you the ability to follow-up with each and every one of them the very
instant that follow-up is necessary!

For Reminders...

Obviously, the best time to remind people to attend your presentation is in the
minutes, hours and days prior to your start time.

Your automated presentation system with us will allow you to schedule webinar
alerts minutes before, hours before and days before your presentation.

All you have to do is decide on the number of alerts you want to schedule for
each webinar registrant in order to remind them of your upcoming presentation
that they have reserved a seat for! Then, simply decide on the length of time in
advance of each presentation that you wish your alert reminders to go out!

For Follow-ups...

When it comes to follow-up, the best time to connect back with people who
attended your presentation is immediately after your presentation has concluded,
or within 24 hours of them attending your presentation.

Here again, simply decide on when you want your follow-ups to take place!

SMS Text, Voice Alerts, E-mail Autoresponders & System

Using our system, you can employ the following tools to BOTH remind people
to attend your presentation that they reserved a seat for AND to follow-up with
each of them once your webinar presentation has finished:

  • Automatic SMS Text messages that get sent to your prospective client's
    or customer's cellular smart phone!
  • Automatic voice call alerts that get delivered to your prospect's smart phone
  • Built-in e-mail notifications sent from our system to your prospect's e-mail
  • Your own auto-responders that can be integrated with our automated
    platform and delivered to your prospect because they registered to see
    your webinar

Just remember that our marketing system is powerful and it must be used
respectfully with people. You must not use it to email, text, or voice message
people who have not opted in to receive your messages.

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Create an unlimited number of business presentations

Make Unlimited Business Presentations & Presentation

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this system will only allow you to create
1 automated webinar at a time!

You'll have the ability to create several, or dozens, or even a hundred different
presentations that can run independently of each other - all with their own
registration pages, exit splash pages, bonus offer pages, webinar rooms, thank-you
pages, countdown clocks, etc.

In fact, if you have multiple numbers of presentations, they can all even run at
same times as your other presentations because they're all treated as separate
automated webinars!

Plus, you can create templates of any presentation for future use!

And it's all included in the same low price of $139.99 per month!

In fact, you can even set up as many as you want during your initial $1 trial with
us because you have full & unrestricted access to everything!

You Can Run Any Configuration Of Presentations You Want.
For Example:

  • Presentation A can run every day of the week & it can play several times
    each day!
  • Presentation B can run on specific days of the week 1 or more times
    each day!
  • Presentation C can run just once each week on the day you choose, and
    it can run just once or multiple times on that day!
  • Presentation D can run just once or twice a month - it's completely up to
    you and what you wish to do!
  • And all of your presentations can have their own replay links to play an
    unlimited number of times - or you can limit the number of replays - or
    you can choose to not allow replays. Again, it's all up to you!


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Your automated video presentations can be any length you choose

Your Sales Presentation Template Lets You Decide The
Length Of Your Webinars - Plus, You Can Develop
Multiple Presentation Templates!

You're not restricted to the length of your presentations!

Depending on what type of presentation you're doing, your presentations can
be whatever length you need them to be.

  • You can run multiple SALES or BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS that go
    anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour in length
  • You can have TRAINING sessions that run 60 minutes each
  • You can hold SEMINARS that run 2 hours at a time
  • You can create a series of 30 minute TUTORIALS
  • You can have DAY LONG WORKSHOPS of 2 to 3 hours each where
    you get people to register for multiple sessions


For Sales & Business Presentations...

Typically, when it comes to selling something, the shorter your presentation is -
the better your results will be.

However, there are exceptions. A good example would be if you were showing
a demo of something, or if you were training your prospects to do something, and
so on.

You Simply Decide How Long Your Presentation Needs To Be:

  • 5, 7 or 10 minutes long
  • up to 15 or 20 minutes long
  • 30 to 40 minutes in length
  • even up to 2 hours in duration (you probably wouldn't want to do one
    longer than that - although you can run longer if you want to that to


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


This presentation software enables you to close sales & collect the sales proceeds automatically

The Best Presentation Software Is One That Can Close
More Sales & Collect Money For You!

Think of your automated webinar & presentation system as a virtual cash

You don't have to worry about whether or not you or any of your sales people
(if you have any) are great sales closers because your automated presentation
can do all the selling for you.

That's because our presentation platform allows you to deliver your best
presentation ever in the voice you want, with just the right emotion & tonality,
and with your perfect choice of words. And once you've nailed down everything
perfectly - your automated presentation delivers it perfectly every time just the
way you intend!

Simply encourage your sales force to direct every single one of their prospects
to your "perfectly crafted" automated business presentation!

You Know Your Market & The Needs Of Your Prospective
Clients Or Customers...

The fact is you likely know what people in your industry are looking for because
you are familiar with your market. You likely know all the 'hot button issues' that
prospective clients or customers in your niche are concerned about. And you
likely know what the common benefits are that the vast majority of prospects in
your market want. And, because you understand your business - then you
typically know what the most successful ways to close a sale are that exist in
your market!

We Help You Incorporate All The Important Stuff Into Your
Automated Webinars!

We help you to incorporate all of these important things into your automated
presentation. And, your presentation can EITHER follow a blueprint that we
provide (which identifies the problems or challenges facing the potential clients
or customers in your market, and drills in the pain of not finding a solution) OR,
you can follow your own blueprint if you have one.

A Blueprint For Profits!

The blueprint we provide includes talking to your prospects about a solution
that they're searching for:

  • It talks about all the benefits that people will get by
    becoming your client or customer.
  • The blueprint shows you where & how to incorporate social proof
    (awards, or media mentions, or testimonials, etc.).
  • It then allows for various calls to action (we'll talk about that next) and
    lets you insert any special offers, or incentives, or bonuses that you might
    want to include.
  • Finally, your presentation asks for the sale in any number of ways that
    we recommend using, and which might include straight offers to buy now,
    or to take a test drive of your product or service, or to try your product
    or service based on a trial period, or to act now and receive a special
    bonus, etc.

And don't worry because we guide you the entire way!

A Perfect Presentation!

The result is a perfect presentation that uncovers & identifies the universal solutions
that you know the people in your market are looking for.

It's a perfect presentation because you get to modify it, and tweek it until you decide
it is perfect in your eyes!

Plus, your automated webinar presentation closes your prospective clients or
customers automatically!

And for those prospects who are interested in what you have - but the timing is
not quite right for them to purchase now - your automated platform continues to
drip market on them until they either "do buy" from you, or "disqualify
as a prospective client or customer!

We Provide You With:

  • Easy templates for you to follow
  • Simple instructions to guide you
  • Automated video help or live help at every step of your presentation setup
  • Simple outsourcing options at every step if you want to delegate any of the
    work to a 3rd party to do on your behalf. You'll see outsourcing options
    when you take your 30-day $1 trail.


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Automate your marketing with clickable call-to-action buttons

Automate Your Marketing With Automated Call-To-Action

At any time during your presentation you can have a buy now button,
or a trial offer button, or any kind of button appear on the presentation
screen that your prospective clients & customers are watching.

That button can be hooked up to a merchant account like PayPal, etc.

Then, during your presentation, you can let your audience know that they can
buy your product simply by clicking on the specific call to action button that was
programmed to appear in your automated presentation.

We provide you with a full menu of call-to-action buttons that you can use, or
you can provide your own call-to-action buttons if you wish.

Automated Sales Means The Money Goes Automatically Into
Your Bank Account!

Then, during your automated presentation, your call to action button will appear
at the time you pre-selected. The presentation attendee will be able to purchase
& pay for your product or service simply by clicking on the call-to-action button,
and you will have those funds automatically deposited in your online merchant
account (and we show you how to do that too).

Remember, You Can Sell Virtually Anything Your Business
Has For Sale:

  • a product or a bunch of products
  • a service or a bunch of services


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Create any kind of automated presentation you want with our sales presentation template

Automate Marketing For Any Business By Using A Variety
Of Presentation Types...

Everything we're talking about on this web page can be applied to sales or
business presentations, tutorials, seminars, trainings & demos, (and so on)
- in order to benefits your business's customers, clients, employees, members,
subscribers, etc.

If you can think it up, then we can help you bring it to life & help you automate
the presentation process!

This Is Perfect For An Array Of Business Models:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Consulting
  • Network marketing
  • Distributors of any kind
  • Direct sellers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Any business where an explanation of the product or service is required
    in order to make a sale


For Any Webinar Or Presentation Ideas You Create...

The best presentation is one that is jam packed with valuable & meaningful

  • New information
  • Updated information
  • Existing information with a new twist
  • Interpreting information
  • etc

Note That To Be Effective, Your Content Needs To...

  • Help solve a problem
  • Help get a specific result
  • Help get better results
  • Help do something different
  • Help understand something
  • Help with something ...period!

Having An Effective Presentation Means You Need To...

Show the How, What, Where, Why, When - and in some cases Who.


In the case of sales & business presentations, you want to baste your presentation
with benefits (the what's in it for the prospective client or customer who is
watching)! Plus, you want to have strong calls to action!

If you're doing seminars or trainings, you need to create "Aha Moments!" The
information needs to inspire deep satisfaction on the part of the attendee in terms
of what they learn from you!

Note also, that our system allows you to program your automated webinar so
that it lets your attendees download a complete set of notes EITHER at the
"beginning" of your presentation OR at the "end" of your presentation
(depending upon whether or not you want them to pay full attention to your
presentation screen OR whether you want them to follow along your notes as
your webinar plays).


  • You can have a 2nd sales presentation to split test against your first
    presentation. One of the most powerful rules in marketing is to constantly
    test. You don't have to do this right away, but you can do it anytime you
  • You can create any kind of business presentation you want
  • You can produce tutorials to superb customer service for clients &
    customers. You can have as many as you need.
  • You can devise multiple trainings for staff & employees. In fact, this is a
    great option for network marketing leaders too! You're not limited to
    one or two - you can have dozens!
  • You can craft seminars on any topic you want. You can have multiple
    seminars on multiple topics. You can even charge for attendance!


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Turn on your automated webinar with the push of a button

Pulling The Switch On Your Automatic Marketing In Order
To Make Your Automated Webinar Go Live!

Once you've created an automated webinar presentation, you simply have to
click the publish button to turn it on and make it go live!

The really cool this is that we've created this platform using a modular approach
which means that if you ever want to come back and revise any component of
your automated presentation, that you simply go to that module and revise one
or more features within that module. You'll never have to re-create your
presentation from scratch!

And, when you are creating additional presentations, you can simply copy
the settings (one, some or all) from any other automated presentation that you
have already created!

And there's virtually nothing that you can't modify or revise!

Then, once you've completed your changes and modifications - just click on
your "publish" button ONE TIME and your revised presentation is LIVE again!

When You Click The Publish Button 'One Time' Everything
Comes To Life :

  • Your REGISTRATION page (where people reserve a seat to watch
    your webinar) becomes available!
  • Your THANK-YOU page (this is the page that thanks people for
    registering and which provides the details of their reservation) turns on!
  • Your COUNTDOWN page (the page that counts down the days,
    minutes and seconds until your webinar presentation starts) is
  • Your EXIT SPLASH page (the page that is used to provide special
    incentives or offers if a person tries to leave before completing their
    registration) becomes operational!
  • Your WEBINAR ROOM page (the page that is the actual broadcast
    room of your automated presentation) is ready to take attendees!
  • Your REPLAY WEBINAR page (the page this is displayed when your
    presentation attendees want to watch a replay of your presentation if
    you allow that) is enabled!
  • Your auto-responders are activated to work!
  • Your LIVE CHAT or INSTANT EMAIL MESSAGING is initialized!
  • Your SMS text messaging is activated to work (if you choose to use it)!
  • Your SMS voice messaging is activated to work (if you choose to use it)!
  • etc.


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Get 30 days full access to our powerful presentation tool for a single dollar

One Measly Dollar Gets You Full Access To This Amazing
Presentation Tool...

Get a full 30 Day trial for a single $1.

The good news is that your $1 trial is a full working version of our automated
webinar platform.

There are no restrictions whatsoever on any of our features.

You get a full working version of our product and software throughout your
30-Day trial!


Click this image to start a 30-day $1 trial of Best Presentation On Earth


Get the safety and security of the money-back guarantee

The Best­Presentation­On­ Full 60 Day Money-Back

In addition to offering you a full month's access for a single dollar, we also
provide you with a full 60 day money back guarantee!

That means you'll get back your dollar + the $139.99 monthly fee in the 2nd
month if you decide that you don't want to use our service!

And guess what: you don't have to provide any reason whatsoever to get your
money back - we'll refund it no strings attached!

We believe that giving you our 2 month money-back guarantee demonstrates
how confident we are in believing that our system can help you generate a ton
of revenue and sales that you would not normally get without our service!

Here's All You Have To Do In Order To Get Your Money Back:

  • STEP 1: write us an e-mail telling us you want your $1 and the $139.99
    refunded immediately
  • STEP 2: send us the e-mail
  • STEP 3: collect your refund


Is automatic marketing too good to be true or too good to miss?

Is There A Catch? This Automated Marketing System Sounds
Too Good To Be True!

We don't think so!

The honest truth is we're simply doing whatever it takes in order to prove to
you that our product and technology is outstanding!

The fact that we're giving you the option to take a $1 trial PLUS the fact that
we're including a full 60-Day money-back guarantee (we'll talk about that next)
should tell you that we've made it impossible for you to risk anything!

Not only that, but we wouldn't survive as a company if our product was lousy!

At the end of the day what counts is your results. No amount of testimonials or
social proof will have as much impact on you as our risk removal policy, which
is: "we give you an iron clad 60-Day money back guarantee coupled with
the fact that you can try everything out for a full month for a single dollar!"

Remember that your $1 trial is a full working version of our automated
webinar platform. There are no restrictions whatsoever!

Then, only if you're convinced that our automated system will increase your
sales & profits will you be billed $139.99 per month.

You have nothing to lose and no risk to be exposed to!

All You Have To Do Is:

  1. Click on any of the add to cart buttons on this page (just like the one
    you see a couple inches down the page below)
  2. Put in $1 to get a full one month trial with full access
  3. Decide if you wish to keep going once your month is up
  4. If your decision is to continue, then simply do nothing and you will be
    billed a low $139.99 per month which you can cancel at any time


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We will show you how to automate your business using different types of presentations

There Are No Limits On How To Automate Your Business
With This Presentation Software!

As we said earlier: you can use this automated system for virtually any kind
of presentation you want!

And, There Are Huge Benefits:

  • Think Of The Time You'll Save by automating your sales and
    marketing process to the point where neither you nor another member
    of your business has to physically make presentations manually!
  • Count The Money You'll Keep by not having to pay anyone to make
    presentations for your business
  • Imagine How Many More Prospective Clients & Customers You
    Can Connect With
    because of an automated system that can reach
    an unlimited number of people unlimited times during the day, week and
  • Ponder How Much More Effective Your Sales & Marketing
    Efforts Will Be
    with an automated tool like this that performs 24/7 all
    year long!
  • Add Up The Additional Sales & Profits You Can Make by being
    able to reach any prospect in the world who wants to buy a product or
    service that your business has because now the size of your sales force
    no longer limits how many potential clients and customers you can make
    presentations to in a day, week or month!
  • Think About How Much More Time You'll Have To Devote To
    Other Areas Of Your Business
    because your automated webinar
    platform is doing all the heavy lifting - never stopping, never sleeping &
    never taking time off!
  • Rest Easy & Eliminate Stress knowing that once you've created the
    perfect presentation - that it will be only presentation that potential clients
    and customers will be exposed to! You'll never have to worry about
    anyone botching a sales presentation ever again because the only
    presentation they will ever be exposed to is your PERFECT


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The following video testimony illustrates why some people think this is the best presentation software for business

Watch This Customer Testimonial...

Steve Jankowski
Lawyer & Online Marketer



We want you to be our next Best Presentation on Earth success story

We Want Your Story!

This amazing tool & technology is brand new and we want to feature you and
your story once you get the results you're hoping for!

In fact, we want to help you get those results! As you begin your journey with
us, let us know how you're doing. If you need help then reach out to us. We're
available by phone and live chat 5 days a week and with live chat on weekends.
Use our extensive video help too because we have over 200 short 1-3 minute
help videos on every aspect of our service.

Once you've achieved the results you want, then let us know and we might even
publish them here on this site if you give us permission to do that.

Here's What We're Looking For In Terms Of Testimonials:

  • How happy you are with our service
  • The benefits you've experienced
  • What you think of our customer support
  • How simple our system is to use
  • How our service has helped brand you as a serious market leader in
    your niche
  • The amount of extra business you've realized as a result of using our
  • Anything else you think is important that other business people might
    like to hear about


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You can have this automated marketing system for a low monthly price

Could It Be Any Cheaper?

Can you honestly think of a cheaper, more effective way to increase sales and

Can you think of any major marketing tool you have in your arsenal now that
costs only $139.99 per month but can be used with every prospective client
or customer you encounter?

The monthly fee remains the same regardless of how hard you want to push
this tool & technology!

What's the cost to you in terms of lost business and missed sales opportunities
if you don't incorporate something like this in your marketing repertoire?

Ask Yourself:

  • Will $139.99 per month fit into your marketing budget?
  • Is it worth $1 to try this out for one full month?
  • Do you feel safe knowing you have a full 60-Day money-back guarantee?
  • Is it worth the price of a daily Cappuccino to be able to make unlimited
    presentations, to an unlimited number of people, at any time of the day
    or night regardless of where in the world your prospects are?
  • Do you see value in a system that can conduct follow-up for you?
  • Is it valuable to have a system that continues to automatically drip market
    on every prospect who doesn't buy from you right away?
  • How much value do you get from a system that can sell, and close,
    and collect the sales monies for you?
  • How much could it cost you if you miss the opportunity to harness this
    tool and technology for your business?


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Automate your marketing system with no locked in or long term contracts

Nothing To Worry About!

You don't have to sign any long term contract period!

In fact, you don't have to commit to any contract of any length!


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You can decide to automate marketing today and cancel at any time in the future without penalty

Cancel Any Time Because You Call The Shots!

You really can leave whenever you want!

You don't have to give a reason for wanting to leave & there's no penalty if
you cancel!

The bottom line is that if we can't deliver then you shouldn't stay with us!

Note This:

  • You can get your money-back if you're not satisfied with our 60 day
    money-back guarantee!
  • You'll never have to pay any fees of any kind to cancel!
  • You can even keep the presentation(s) you've created!
  • To cancel, simply send an e-mail to the company!


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You get full webinar software support via phone & live chat 7 days per week

Amazing Webinar Product Support!

We make it super easy for you to contact us if you need assistance!

It's a well-known fact that businesses who fail to deliver great customer support
almost never prosper!

It's critical to us that you are able to get hold of us when you need help!

You Can Feel Good Knowing That Once You're A Client Of Ours,
You Get The Following Support Tools:

  • A direct dial phone number to the company
  • A knowledge bases with over 200 short help videos
  • An instant chat access code for live chat that you can use on your PC,
    Mac, tablet or smart phone
  • An e-mail address for help and support issues


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You do not have to download anything in order for your online presentations to work

Simple Is An Understatement!

It is so simple for you to use our system and platform!

There's no software to download or purchase in order for your online
presentations to work! You simply log into the account we provide you with
and then you start to create your automated webinars!

Here's All You Have To Do In Order To Make The System Work
For You:

  • FIRST: connect to the internet
  • SECOND: log into your account on the URL (website address) that
    we will give you upon registering with us
  • THIRD: watch the introductory video that explains our system and
    how to use it
  • FOURTH: follow the wizard and all the prompts & watch the short
    description video that is available at each & every step
  • FIFTH: if you need help for any reason at all - simply contact us by
    phone, live chat or e-mail


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Watch part 1 of 4 of our business presentation software demo now

Watch This Business Presentation Software Demo Now!
(Part 1 is 29 minutes & 54 seconds)

This is the first part of a demo we did showing how to create an automated
webinar from scratch to fully produced, and you can watch it now!

We go over every single step and cover every single imaginable option you can
add in to your automated webinar presentation.

Just watch everything we do to see how powerful & simple our system is!

Simply Press the PLAY BUTTON to watch this video & note
that you can also watch full screen by hovering your mouse
over the video and then clicking on the FULL SCREEN ICON
at the far lower right of the video:



Watch part 2 of 4 of our software demo

Now, Watch Part Two Of Our Software Demo! (Part 2 is
30 minutes & 57 seconds long)

This is the second part of the demo that we did showing you how we created
an automated webinar from scratch to fully produced - go ahead and watch it

This video is 30 minutes & 57 seconds long.

Simply Press the PLAY BUTTON to watch this video & note
that you can also watch full screen by hovering your mouse
over the video and then clicking on the FULL SCREEN ICON
at the far lower right of the video:

Watch part 3 of 4 of our webinar software demo

You're Almost Done! Here Is The Third Video For Our
Webinar Software Demo!
(Part 3 is 31 minutes & 15
seconds in length)

This is the third part of the demo that we did showing you how we created an
automated webinar from scratch to fully produced - watch it now & enjoy!

This video is 31 minutes & 15 seconds long.

Simply Press the PLAY BUTTON to watch this video & note
that you can also watch full screen by hovering your mouse
over the video and then clicking on the FULL SCREEN ICON
at the far lower right of the video:

Watch part 4 of 4 of our video presentation software demo

The Final Video Presentation Software Demo! (Part 4 is 26
minutes & 27 seconds in total)

This is the fourth & final part of the demo that reveals everything we to create
an automated webinar from scratch to fully produced - please watch it!

This video is 26 minutes & 27 seconds long.

Simply Press the PLAY BUTTON to watch this video & note
that you can also watch full screen by hovering your mouse
over the video and then clicking on the FULL SCREEN ICON
at the far lower right of the video:

Start creating business presentations & webinars that run on auto-pilot now

Try It Now!

Did you know that you can get complete and unrestricted access to our system
within 60 short seconds from now?

To make that happen, simply do the following...

All You Have To Do Is:

  1. Click on any of the add to cart buttons on this page
  2. Spend $1 to get a full one month trial with full access
  3. Decide if you wish to keep going once the month is up


Your next step is to claim your automated sales system by taking our 30-day $1 trial now


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